I began using Phenom Meals in June of 2015, when I was the heaviest and unhealthiest that I’d ever been in my life.  I weight 310 pounds, had high cholesterol, two hormone imbalances, and very low energy.  Like many people who get diagnosed with hormone imbalances, I thought THAT must be the reason I gained so much weight.  But I discovered that in this case, it was probably my weight which threw off my hormones.

Also, I had recently suffered a painful back injury; a compressed disk in my lower back.  I was getting injections to deal with that and could not work out at all.  That’s when Neisha Jones told me about her service, Phenom Meals.   She offered a meal plan based on macrobiotics, made with healthy ingredients, delivered right to me each week–FULLY PREPARED meals plus snacks.  All I would have to do is select the meals out of my refrigerator, microwave them and eat.

Having become obese through bad diet, mainly microwave comfort foods like pizza and burritos, I felt that Neisha’s meal plan would be easy to adapt to.  After all, my weakness is that I don’t know how to cook.  Healthy meals that just need reheating sounded like my weakness would become my strength.  I thought that this would be a PERFECT WAY to maintain my weight–to stop gaining, while I waited for my back to recover and then I could add exercise and start losing pounds.  Note:  I was just trying to MAINTAIN, not slim down.  Well, that is not how it worked.

I lost 10 pounds in the first week.  10 more pounds dropped off the second week, then I started losing smaller amounts and couldn’t wait to jump on the scale–3 pounds, five pounds, two… it was exciting!  I was losing weight even though I was unable to  due to my injury.  Eventually, I’d lost about 80 pounds!  That’s when I became a “born-again” nutrition person.  I realized that FOOD is the most critical part of weight loss or gain.
exercise.  In my mind, it was like the light just switched on (and I was casting a much smaller shadow by it).

I don’t know why I hadn’t realized that before.  I like long distance biking for charity.  But even though I biked hundreds of miles each summer, I still gained weight.  It’s easy to outpace the calories burned while working out with the calories taken in with bad foods in large amounts.

Phenom Meals contain fresh ingredients–many I’d never tasted before–what is kale?  Also, they are properly portioned– and it’s very convenient to just set aside what I want to eat that day.  Also, as a non-cooking bachelor, it’s amazing to have such a variety of well-prepared meals.  Neisha has a huge assortment of recipes so the variety from week to week is excellent.  My body also feels “cleaner” than when I was eating processed foods.

This year, with my weight down and back on the mend, I finally got back on my bike and pedaled 60 miles with my family on a charity ride in Utah.  I then biked almost over 70 very hilly miles on Bike MS Alaska, and I can’t ever remember hills being this easy before.  I can walk for miles and I don’t fear walking up stairs.  People who know me tell me they can see the difference in my appearance and behavior–I have a smaller waistline, thinner face, and I have so much more energy and spring in my step.  The conversations have turned from concerns about my health to compliments.

The most gratifying and humbling thing, though,  is when people tell me that my weight loss has actually inspired them to lose weight and get healthier.  When I hear that, I think about what that really  means and cannot help but feel amazed.

Every excess pound that is shed means that  someone is going to have MORE LIFE.  It means living to see more children’s birthday parties and graduations, more time with someone you love–quality time in which you are able to do so much more than before.  That’s what I want for me, and for you.  Thank you, Neisha, for helping me save my own life through Phenom Meals.

~Brian Ross

Radio Broadcaster – Magic 98.9fm