One of the easiest ways to start losing weight is by exercising.

No, really, it is easy! The trick is to start out slow. Don’t jump in and lift so hard you can’t scratch your nose for three days. Baby steps. Start with just ten minutes.

As you get used to the routine and your muscles adapt to the extra exertion you can slowly add more exercises. And then you’ll find that you’re addicted to the endorphins from working out and you can’t stop. From there on working out becomes easy!

To give you an idea of what your hard work is doing for you we’ve made a list of foods that equate to ten minutes of a various exercises. Let this motivate you to pick the more vigorous activities so you can eat some tastier treats!

10 Minutes of…. Calories Food
Kettlebell Training 200 58 g Cheddar Cheese
Running 8.6 MPH 160 2 oz Beef Jerky
Swimming 111 16 Almonds
Jogging 6 MPH 110 3/4 Cup Kashi cereal
Cycling 99 2 tbsp Cream Cheese
Walking 3.7 MPH 44 1 mini box of raisins
Wii/Kinect 41 10 pitted green olives
Cleaning 28 1 Plum
Driving 24 1/8 of a melon
Eating 22 1 tbsp hummus
Using a Computer 17 2 gummi bears
Talking 17 1 apricot
Standing 16 1 lemon
Computer Games 16 3 Skittles
Reading 15 1 cup raw mushrooms
Sitting 14 1 cup diced cucumber
Lying Down 12 4 spears of asparagus