As I lose more weight and get healthier, I realize that it’s not JUST about the pounds– it’s about what you can do once you shed them.
Last year I weighed 310 pounds, and I had let my weight and the resulting health problems cut down my mobility.  I had injured my back, could not bike, my energy had dropped off, and I’d even thrown my hormones out of wack.

This year, I have returned to long distance biking and walking– all thanks to the healthier eating with PHENOM MEALS.  Over this weekend alone, I biked 22 miles and then walked 12 miles.

I remember when I’d get winded walking up one flight of stairs.  People in my family were worried about my health.   Now, I’m planning my first hike up to Flattop.

Check out my photo album of the Anchorage Light Speed Planet Walk along the Coastal Trail– where I had close encounters of the wild kind– a moose and a BEAR.  But I made it!

And if I can make it, so can you!  Changing my diet to PHENOM MEALS helped me lose 77 pounds… that’s over 184 pounds on Jupiter!

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