Eating can be the hardest part of any lifestyle change. When it comes to those who are trying to lose the weight, they have to approach food differently from those who are trying to maintain or gain. We cannot all do the same thing but expect different results, right? Especially when we are all starting from different backgrounds and body types.  Here are a few quick tips to help those who are looking to lose without any real background on who they are!

Drink Lots of Water.water, dehydration, hydration, drink more water
Drinking calorie-free water maker you feel full and eat less. It also helps you stay hydrated foe the activities you are going to perform throughout your day, including a workout.  Most humans are dehydrated by 2 liters! There is most likely never going to be a time where you hear a doctor tell you, “You are drinking too much water.”  The feeling of being full will also help curb the mindless eating that can occur.

Reduce Your Calories – Not Your Food
When people say you need to reduce your caloric intake, that is most likely true. It doesn’t have to mean you will stay hungry all day long. There are plenty of good, nutritious foods that you can eat, feel full, and not bust your target amount of calories in a day. You just have to learn to wrap your head around good foods and bad foods – not just what you think is good versus bad.

Eat More Often
Three well balanced meals is the traditional way we have learned to eat, and marketers have even started a fourth meal trend (No thanks Taco Bell). The real key to keep your body in motion,(and by that we mean increasing thermogenesis, the production of heat, in the body) by consuming 5-6 meals a day.  This still plays into your target caloric intake. You will just take your target and spread it evenly throughout the day instead of cramming it into three meals and two small snacks.

Maybe you are not able to try all of these at once. That is okay! Start simple and grab yourself a water bottle and keep it with you always. Drink from it throughout the day too, it isn’t just a trendy fashion accessory!